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CDC Self-Assessment Tool for Schools.LGBTQ_Inclusivity-508.pdf

 LGBTQ Inclusivity in Schools: A Self-Assessment Tool

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a tool to assist schools and districts in addressing the health and academic needs of LGBTQ students. This tool was created to assist school and district staff so that they might understand current policies, programs, and practices that may contribute to safe, inclusive environments where all youth can be successful.

School and district staff who are interested in facilitating a more inclusive environment for LGBTQ students can use this tool to assess individual-level knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that foster inclusivity, in addition to determining strengths and weaknesess.

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SOGI Materials for the Classroom

For Educators

LGBT Lesson Plans

Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH) LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity Toolkit. This toolkit, published by MOASH, is intended to provide health educators a guide to making their sex education lessons more inclusive. 

LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity PDF Toolkit

The New York City Department of Education published lesson plans focused on "raising awareness for LGBT issues, improving school climate, and encouraging ally behavior." The plans are available as links to outside resources that have been vetted by NYCDOE for meeting alignment standards.

Ready, Set, Respect Toolkit

LGBTQIA Awareness

GLSEN Lessons on Bullying, Bias, and Diversity

Introducing Gender: Girls, Boys, and More!

Anti-Defamation League Celebrates Pride!

SOGI 123, a Canadian organization formed by the Arc Foundation and in partnership with BC Ministry of Education; BC Teachers’ Federation; school districts across BC; UBC Faculty of Education; education partners; and various local, national, and international LGBTQ+ community organizations, created guides for educators and parents in British Columbia and Alberta. These guides include policies and procedures as well as lesson plans. 

SOGI 123 Learning Modules (includes short, 5 minute videos and 40 and 90 minute learning modules)

SOGI 123 Inclusive Resource Guide

SOGI 123 Inclusive Classroom Checklist

SOGI 123 Elementary Lesson Plans

SOGI 123 Creating an Effective SOGI Policy

State of Michigan School Map

Researchers estimate that 14.9% of high school students identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or unsure of their sexual identity*, and 1.8% identify as transgender**. How many LGBTQ+ students are likely in your school?

Use this interactive map to explore estimates of LGBTQ+ students in Michigan middle and high schools.

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Data Sources

School Population Estimates: Michigan Center for Educational Performance and Information: Michigan’s Center for Educational Performance and Information, 2020 Pupil Headcount (MSDS) (Fall Data) Accessed April 6, 2021.

*Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Estimates:  Kann, L., McManus, T., Harris, W.A., et al. (2018). Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance – United States.  MMWR Surveillance Summaries, 2018:67(No.8).

**Transgender Youth Estimates: Johns   MM, Lowry R, AndrzejewskiJ, et al. (2019). Transgender Identity and   Experiences of Violence Victimization, Substance Use, Suicide Risk, and   Sexual Risk Behaviors Among High School Students-19 States and Large Urban   School Districts, 2017. MMWR Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: 68:67–71.

School Policy Guide for K-12 Educators

The ‘School Policy Guide for K-12 Educators’ was designed to provide school administrators with resources to support LGBTQ+ students in their schools. Each chapter within this binder contains journal articles, research summaries, education policies, and action items such as checklists that can be utilized by superintendents, principals, and teachers. A list of resources can be found in the final chapters.

Educators are welcome to print and copy all materials in the binder. APPRECOTS has obtained copyright permissions for nonprofit distribution. For more information, or to share how you are using the materials in your school, please send us a message on the Contact page.

Note: The acronym ‘SOGI’ (which stands for ‘Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity’) is often used throughout the binder in place of LGBTQ+ for the sake of brevity and inclusiveness.

Preview the SOGI School Policy Guide Binder (2016). Including an Introductory chapter, the binder covers the following topics: