SOGI YAC Toolkits

Often, when someone is grappling with sexual orientation and gender identify the individual, and their family, are confronting the revelation with little background knowledge or experience. The purpose of these toolkits is to guide you to information that is reliable, credible and helpful. The goal is to provide the basic tools needed to begin to construct a healthy bridge to accepting, affirming and embracing the child you love. Produced by the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Youth Advocacy Council of Saginaw (SOGI YAC).


The resources below include hyperlinks and some full-text versions (PDF format). You can access most of the resources directly by simply clicking on the hyperlink or typing the title into your favorite search engine.

SOGI_YAC_Toolkit_Struggling to Affirm My Loved One.pdf
SOGI_YAC_Toolkit_What is Gender.pdf
SOGI_YAC_Toolkit_Gender Affirming Housing Resources.pdf
SOGI_YAC_Toolkit_Domestic Violence.pdf